HORO, the brand and patent that revolutionized luxury streetwear, continues its rapid expansion and marks a new milestone that is also a point of departure: the launch of a kidswear brand for boys and girls called HORO Kids that will be officially presented at PITTI BIMBO 88 held from January 17 to 19 in Florence. The collection, which joins the HORO prêt-à-porter and couture lines, completes an offer that continues to expand yet stays true to the brand’s core values. HORO Kids expresses the same essence of HORO: designed for boys and girls from ages 4 to 14, it is a total look that includes an entire range of accessories — from shoes and bags to hats and scarves — and is made with the same innovative and high-tech vision that characterizes the original brand. Applications in gold and precious metals and ultrasound casting are combined with new materials created especially for kids. This includes light natural soy-based padding, used for outerwear that is not just anti-microbial and therefore ideal for children but also has a soft slim fit, and light reflective fabrics used for dynamic, ironic and creative outfits that both kids and moms love. Young customers of the HORO collection represent the latest generation of shoppers who are free, social media savvy and limitless. These boys and girls are born without boundaries in territory and style. Traveling, playing with fashion and sharing experiences are not just a passion or choice but the only lifestyle these kids know, living in a world that we consider futuristic that is simply their present day.
HORO SS20 KIDS_15_0005
HORO SS20 KIDS_16_0011
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HORO SS20 KIDS_18_0002 cover